As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Catering in demand for back-to-school, fall sports

Fall promises to be activity filled, with students returning to the classroom, many workers back in the office, and both academic and professional sports presenting full schedules. Parties, meet and greets, and tailgating may be high on your list so make them stress free with help from your local party planner and caterer.

At Special Moments, professional planners will help with everything from detailed themes for the ultimate school kick-off to a simple and relaxing watch party for your favorite NFL or college football team. Don’t miss a detail with menu items for every taste. Our offerings account for continued attention so safety and social distancing. All our selections can be packaged, served, and presented to keep your guests safe and comfortable at any gathering.

The backyard tailgate

Whether you are tailgating outside your favorite team’s stadium or bringing the gang together to watch on a big screen, great food and fun is the key. Your backyard football tailgate can feature a full spread, from themed hors d’oeuvres to a main course of pulled pork, fried chicken, or Special Moments’ famous barbecue. Round out your event with some pointers from our professionals for unique cocktails and desserts.

Working lunch/Company mixer

With more offices open for traditional workdays, working lunches for focus groups and opportunities to get acquainted with new colleagues are returning to the event schedule. Special Moments’ boxed lunches are the perfect way to provide an efficient meal that tastes great and abides by safety guidelines.

Our boxed lunches offer a choice of salad, jumbo hoagie, or a cup of soup with dressings and condiments served on the side upon request. Your staff and team members may also choose a gourmet salad boxed lunch.

Planning an after-work mixer for staff, interns, or clients? Consider catering in the comfort of your conference room with a selection of portable hors d’oeuvres or mini sandwiches that make it easy to gather at a table or roam the room. Our carousel sandwich wheel also is a great choice for your work gathering.

School kick-off picnic

After more than a year of variations of distance learning, hybrid schedules and cancellations or adjustments to sports and club participation, students are ready to get back to a more normal academic schedule. Planning a kick-off picnic is a great way to get the upcoming school year off to a traditional start. Grab and go snacks from Special Moments are perfect for active students anxious to meet new classmates. Provide hot and cold options that encourage mingling and allow students to easily roam and chat.

October clambake

Plan now for the fall clambake you postponed from last year. Special Moments has a package for your small, medium, or large crowd with plenty of extras—consider including lobster this year!

Our delicious and stress-free clambake includes one dozen middle-neck clams and a half chicken per bake along with sweet or Idaho potatoes, steamed corn on the cob, coleslaw, clam broth, melted butter, and fresh baked rolls.

Whatever your plans for the upcoming fall season, contact the team at Special Moments to make it easy and delicious. Schedule your catered tailgate, working lunch, picnic, or clambake today.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Fire up Fourth of July festivities

Family picnics, grilling out, and fireworks are traditions at most Independence Day celebrations. Last year may have left a void in your party, with friends and fireworks missing from the day, but plans are in full swing for July 4, 2021, albeit with some careful planning to keep guests safe.

Relaxed pandemic protocols are making more traditional activities possible, but many are still seeking options for protecting the vulnerable and accommodating those who are still uncomfortable with groups. For your backyard bash, catering is a great option for maximum enjoyment and safety for everyone at your event.

Caterers are gearing up for high summer and July Fourth demand, and many are getting creative with serving and set-up to minimize congregating at food tables and having multiple hands touching serving utensils. Catering your July Fourth party allows you to enjoy your event with less stress related to food preparation, serving protocol, and guest activities.

Special Moments Catering offers a full BBQ catering service for your Fourth of July cook-out or event, with options including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breast, steaks, and St. Louis-style ribs. Complete your spread with hors d’oeuvres, snack foods, and desserts.

Keep your traditions alive and safe with creative ideas

  • Spread your buffet table out so guests are spaced as they make their choices. For additional safety, use serving staff or provide individual serving utensils for each guest.
  • Use several food stations and consider mobile stations to prevent crowding of guests at food or dessert tables.
  • Set up smaller tables for family members with snack options provided at individual tables.
  • Consider serving snack items such as chips and pretzels in individual bags instead of bowls.
  • Compartmentalize beverages at different stations or in different coolers that are tagged so guests can quickly find their choice. Consider multiple coolers in different locations for your most popular beverages.

Don’t give up on your Fourth of July traditions this year. Contact Special Moments for full-service table and buffet catering and a wide variety of options for everything from casual backyard barbecues to formal events and weddings that will make summer 2021 special.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Cater Mother’s Day, grad parties, tailgates this spring

Graduation parties and Mother’s Day may take center stage this year, along with opportunities for tailgates as sports and outdoor events return to our social calendars. Keep it festive, fun, and safe with outdoor venues and top-notch catering from Special Moments.

Focus on your guest of honor

For Mother’s Day gatherings and graduation parties, choose a theme that fits the personality of the guest of honor. Our team members are specialists at organizing theme parties, with food and beverages that bring every detail into focus. We also can help with setup and decorating ideas to highlight school colors and sports or to enhance an overall spring or summer atmosphere.

We have a full complement of food choices so you can serve family favorites. Ask our team about serving options that best fit your numbers, setup, and safety needs. We can provide servers for buffets as well as prepackaged appetizers and safe beverage service options.

Hoping for unique desserts that fit your party plans? We can design desserts that fit your theme and provide for safe service.

Tailgating anywhere

Whether your ideal tailgate party is in your yard watching your favorite team on a big screen or in a parking area near a live event, catering your favorite food and beverages can make it fun and easy. Ask us about all our options for prepackaged meals and sides that provide safe and convenient service for all your guests.

Keep it safe and fun

Plan your spring and summer celebrations for an outdoor venue. Arrange for a tent, tables, and chairs, and with Special Moments detail-oriented catering service your party will be the perfect place for guests to gather and celebrate milestone events or simply enjoy getting together again.

Our experts are always available to help you plan for the right amount of food and beverages for large and small events at your home or any other venue. Call today for details.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Catering your event in 2021

It’s hard to imagine what catered events will look like as we move deeper into 2021, but it’s a certainty that they will continue to look different than what they once were. Here at Special Moments Catering, we anticipate balancing the need to celebrate, plan and connect with the necessity for safety and health.

The last year has already taught us what we can do to make every event successful, from corporate planning events to graduation parties to weddings. We see these evolving circumstances as a chance to continue being thoughtful and creative as we carefully map out every special event of 2021.

What you can expect from Special Moments

  • A personalized plan for ensuring your guests’ safety at your event.
  • As always, high levels of cleanliness in every aspect of your event.
  • Options for venues that are large enough to accommodate your guests safely, with movement to open-air venues as the weather permits.
  • Menu choices that best fit safe service needs at your event – Served buffets, extra food stations and bars, additional staff.
  • Prepackaged or covered food and drinks that allow for safe table and tray service.
  • Technology options, such as virtual drink tickets for events featuring a cash bar.
  • We are pleased to work with you on ways we can creatively serve your guests with fun themes, coordinating colors, and enhanced atmospheres.

Our staff is ready to help you plan every aspect of your event, whether you desire a minimal-contact arrangement or you seek ideas for safely allowing movement and dancing. Even as we need to continue to social distance, Special Moments is pleased to offer suggestions for how you and your guests can be social.

Call us today for details on how we can help you make your next event special and safe without sacrificing elegance and value.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Holiday meals available from Special Moments

As we head into an unfamiliar holiday season, we at Special Moments want to help bring joy and tradition to all your celebrations. Delicious holiday dinners, hors d’oeuvres and desserts can still take center stage with the help of our experts.

Even if your holiday plans will be much smaller this year—maybe only your immediate family—a festive dinner featuring a variety of favorites will be the main attraction. Catering is a safe and stress-free way to enjoy every holiday, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah to Christmas.

Call on our team today!

  • Complete dinners and desserts can be adjusted for any budget and any size gathering.
  • We can package individual meals for your specific needs.
  • Customized menus are our pleasure. Tell us about your traditional holiday dishes.
  • We can deliver to your venue or package your items for pick-up.
  • Our team follows all protocols for safe handling and delivery of your order.

At Special Moments, we continue to offer the services you need for holiday gatherings at your home or another venue. Full planning and decorating services are always available. Call us for details on how we can help make your holidays both festive and safe.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Holiday parties designed for safety, normalcy

Holiday gatherings and parties will look different this year, but most will strive for as much normalcy as possible. Whether you are planning a small family event or you are responsible for organizing a safe holiday celebration for your office or company, Special Moments can help.

Family dinners, office happy hours, New Year’s galas—all will be smaller and carefully planned to allow for social distancing where necessary. Budgets will likely be tighter too. That doesn’t mean forgoing traditional foods, however.

The Special Moments team is ready to help with your planning so that you can safely and economically provide all the holiday favorites your family and friends are expecting. Our professionals begin by discussing your venue and guest list.

  • Venue – Whether it’s your home or a banquet room, we help with safe spacing of tables and chairs, questions of ventilation, and how food will be served.
  • Attendees – We will discuss all set-up options available based on how many guests you expect and what type of socializing or mingling you anticipate.
  • Access to outdoors – We can help with ideas for getting guests outdoors, weather permitting.

Catering customized for you

We know your family and friends will find comfort in favorite dishes and desserts, so our team is ready to arrange exactly what you want, from favorite hors d’oeuvres to a simple sit-down family meal.

Special Moments has a wide variety of options when it comes to catering any size party for any budget, with the ability to tailor yours to fit your venue and guest list and make it memorable even if it is different.

Your events, large and small, can be fully planned by phone, and whether you choose pick-up or delivery, rest assured our service will be safe and efficient. We have team members standing by to work with you. Our specialty is customizing your event, including size, style, and budget. We can create any menu item in the smaller portions you may need this year. Call today!

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Outdoor weddings with Special Moments Catering


The foreseeable future of weddings is for smaller intimate affairs to be the norm. Many will be outdoors, under tents in backyards, parks and other outdoor venues, as fresh air is deemed safer than enclosed spaces. Whatever the protocol, Special Moments is ready to make your wedding day elegant and memorable.

Are you considering a spring or summer 2021 wedding? Be ready to make some adjustments, but you don’t have to settle. A smaller wedding means you may be able to spring for some extras.

Deck out your tent – Reserve a tent with pretty, ventilated sides that can be tied back if weather permits. Decorate with mood lighting, drapery, wedding themed linens and chair covers, and matching floral arrangements.

Set your vows for a quiet corner – A small side garden is perfect for an intimate ceremony with just a few family members. Or create a special corner in your tent where the ceremony will be held before guests move to tables for the reception. This also provides a great place for photos throughout the day.

Themed appetizers – Whether your mood and décor emotes a casual garden, a tropical dream or a Venetian getaway, your caterer can help you choose a few distinct appetizers to package and set at each place settling, allowing guests to maintain distance and safety.

Choose your sit-down dinner – The safest way to serve your guests is to skip the buffet and plan a plated dinner. This is a great opportunity to step up food choices and provide a classy dinner served by carefully trained caterers right to the table.

Plan a cake reveal – For safety reasons, your cake and other desserts should be kept secure until being served. Let our team help you arrange a cake reveal and cutting ceremony to spice up your day.

The team at Special Moments Catering is ready to help with any challenge when it comes to your wedding plans. We have excellent appetizer, dinner and dessert options, and a well-trained staff that can accommodate any venue and provide professional and safe service. Call today to make an appointment!

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Planning your wedding reception amid Covid 19

As our country carefully navigates reopening while protecting Americans from the spread of coronavirus, brides, grooms and their families may now explore possibilities for receptions that celebrate their nuptials, albeit in a limited way.

Party centers, banquet halls and catering venues are now open to host wedding receptions of 300 or less. At Special Moments, we understand that celebrating this special day is important, and we are here to help with the detailed planning needed to provide you with a most memorable occasion.

All catering and banquet facilities, as well as other reception venues, are subject to the same rules established for the safe operation of restaurants and bars in Ohio. This means traditional wedding receptions that include mingling and dancing are not yet permitted.

Rules that will govern receptions include:

  • Maintaining 6 feet between tables
  • Guests must be seated
  • Guests may not switch tables or move about
  • Employees and staff must wear masks
  • Guests may not congregate at the bar
  • Dance floors and other gathering areas are not permitted
  • Buffets must be served by staff
  • Self-serve tables, such as dessert or coffee, are not permitted

For more details regarding mandatory and suggested practices established by the State of Ohio, click here.

At Special Moments, we understand that a wedding reception during this crisis may not be what brides and grooms had envisioned for their wedding day. Maintaining these practices, however, is crucial to protect everyone involved, including your guests, vendors, photographers, and employees.

Rest assured that our goal is to make your day special regardless of how different it may be from your original plans for your day. Our planners are available to guide you through the process from food service to decorations to your toast. It is our job to not only enforce the guidelines, but to ascertain that your celebration is perfect, memorable, and enjoyed by all.

When you book with Special Moments you can expect:

  • Beautiful decorations that we can provide
  • A delicious buffet served meticulously by our staff
  • Carefully planned table arrangements that are tasteful, safe and satisfactory for your guests
  • Your 300-person limit pertains to your guests and does not include vendors, photographers, or staff members.

If you would like to plan a reception for a wedding or any other celebration and are uncertain of how these guidelines will impact your plans, contact Special Moments today. Our professionals are ready to work with you to make your celebration the special day you dreamed of.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Make your menu light, fresh for spring events

Changing seasons and changing dietary preferences may mean rethinking your menu for your spring parties, weddings, and celebrations. In general, as temperatures warm we like to keep food somewhat lighter. Spring brings a desire for crisp, fresh choices for appetizers and meals.

In recent years, however, more people also are turning to fresh organic foods and/or favoring vegetarian or vegan diets. Some are simply looking for healthier options or gluten-free ingredients. Rather than opting for traditional selections for your catered event, consider choosing organic (locally sourced when possible) produce and fresh, light options, especially if you know your guests will be looking for such choices.

Caterers report that today’s trend is showing increasing requests for menu options that are sensitive to food allergies, gluten-free guests, vegetarians and vegans, with a focus on meatless appetizer and entrée choices and organic ingredients. With a little creativity, your catered event will impress even the most discriminating guests.

Hors d’oeuvres – Consider options that feature mushrooms, squash or soy chorizo for tasty finger foods that fit all tastes.

Salads – Before the meal or for the meal, salads provide an excellent opportunity to feature fresh, light and locally sourced fare for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Consider fresh greens tossed with local organic vegetables and gluten-free dressings for a starter, or choose a salad entrée in Caesar, Julienne or Cobb with meat options for the perfect spring meal.

Soups – Highlight spring with a choice of cold soups, such as Vichyssoise (potatoes, leeks, cream and stock), Gazpacho (raw tomato, garlic and onions, or a modern version of fruits and vegetables), or Tarator (cucumbers, garlic and dill blended with yogurt and spices).

Fish or herb centered entrees – Fresh fish is a great main meal when you are looking for lighter options. For meatless entrees, feature stuffed peppers or mushrooms, couscous, lentils, caramelized onions or wild rice, adding unexpected flavors with various herbs.

Complete your spring themed event with beverages garnished with mint, lavender or other herbs, or set up a mimosa bar that includes a spread of fresh fruits and fruit juices. Opt for desserts in the form of fruits and lightly whipped creams and sauces; or light cakes frosted in pastels.

At Special Moments Catering, we are ready to design any event, from themed decorations to a full menu, so your guests can enjoy an atmosphere and refreshments that fit the season and their lifestyle. Call today for an appointment with one of our professional planners and get ready for the perfect spring event.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

A new focus for weddings of 2020

This year, expect to see weddings that cater to guests’ needs, emphasize sustainability, and feature the uniqueness of the wedding couple. With an eye to the bold and a focus on details, a new decade of weddings is embracing a trend away from expected traditions.

The professionals at Special Moments Catering are excited to plan and prepare your perfectly unique celebration from start to finish. That may mean starting with your engagement, as 2020 is expected to see more couples planning engagement events that allow for a practice run—from food to photography—for the wedding reception.

For small engagement gatherings and larger wedding receptions, more couples are turning to choices that support local sustainability efforts and are best for our planet. This means reducing trash by using reusable containers and table wear, repurposing floral centerpieces, and sourcing locally grown food. Couples also are making these choices with their guests in mind by considering allergies, special diets and healthy menu options.

A big effort this year is to make the celebration a statement about the wedding couple. This includes a color palette and unique decorations that create an atmosphere that reflects the couple’s personality no matter how bold. Wedding celebrations are likely to include food and drink choices that are nostalgic for the couple and their family and friends. This can include unusual main courses, personalized desserts, and specific drink offerings. More couples are considering a specialty bar, for example, that features a favorite drink or liquor choice, from tequila to whiskey to rare wine vintages.

At Special Moments Catering, we specialize in event planning, so we can provide the advice and expertise that you need to create your unique wedding. We build our menus to support any theme and any atmosphere, so your personality will be featured in every aspect of your special day and your guests are treated to the very best. Call today to learn how we can help you plan and design your 2020 wedding.