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Planning your wedding reception amid Covid 19

As our country carefully navigates reopening while protecting Americans from the spread of coronavirus, brides, grooms and their families may now explore possibilities for receptions that celebrate their nuptials, albeit in a limited way.

Party centers, banquet halls and catering venues are now open to host wedding receptions of 300 or less. At Special Moments, we understand that celebrating this special day is important, and we are here to help with the detailed planning needed to provide you with a most memorable occasion.

All catering and banquet facilities, as well as other reception venues, are subject to the same rules established for the safe operation of restaurants and bars in Ohio. This means traditional wedding receptions that include mingling and dancing are not yet permitted.

Rules that will govern receptions include:

  • Maintaining 6 feet between tables
  • Guests must be seated
  • Guests may not switch tables or move about
  • Employees and staff must wear masks
  • Guests may not congregate at the bar
  • Dance floors and other gathering areas are not permitted
  • Buffets must be served by staff
  • Self-serve tables, such as dessert or coffee, are not permitted

For more details regarding mandatory and suggested practices established by the State of Ohio, click here.

At Special Moments, we understand that a wedding reception during this crisis may not be what brides and grooms had envisioned for their wedding day. Maintaining these practices, however, is crucial to protect everyone involved, including your guests, vendors, photographers, and employees.

Rest assured that our goal is to make your day special regardless of how different it may be from your original plans for your day. Our planners are available to guide you through the process from food service to decorations to your toast. It is our job to not only enforce the guidelines, but to ascertain that your celebration is perfect, memorable, and enjoyed by all.

When you book with Special Moments you can expect:

  • Beautiful decorations that we can provide
  • A delicious buffet served meticulously by our staff
  • Carefully planned table arrangements that are tasteful, safe and satisfactory for your guests
  • Your 300-person limit pertains to your guests and does not include vendors, photographers, or staff members.

If you would like to plan a reception for a wedding or any other celebration and are uncertain of how these guidelines will impact your plans, contact Special Moments today. Our professionals are ready to work with you to make your celebration the special day you dreamed of.