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A new focus for weddings of 2020

This year, expect to see weddings that cater to guests’ needs, emphasize sustainability, and feature the uniqueness of the wedding couple. With an eye to the bold and a focus on details, a new decade of weddings is embracing a trend away from expected traditions.

The professionals at Special Moments Catering are excited to plan and prepare your perfectly unique celebration from start to finish. That may mean starting with your engagement, as 2020 is expected to see more couples planning engagement events that allow for a practice run—from food to photography—for the wedding reception.

For small engagement gatherings and larger wedding receptions, more couples are turning to choices that support local sustainability efforts and are best for our planet. This means reducing trash by using reusable containers and table wear, repurposing floral centerpieces, and sourcing locally grown food. Couples also are making these choices with their guests in mind by considering allergies, special diets and healthy menu options.

A big effort this year is to make the celebration a statement about the wedding couple. This includes a color palette and unique decorations that create an atmosphere that reflects the couple’s personality no matter how bold. Wedding celebrations are likely to include food and drink choices that are nostalgic for the couple and their family and friends. This can include unusual main courses, personalized desserts, and specific drink offerings. More couples are considering a specialty bar, for example, that features a favorite drink or liquor choice, from tequila to whiskey to rare wine vintages.

At Special Moments Catering, we specialize in event planning, so we can provide the advice and expertise that you need to create your unique wedding. We build our menus to support any theme and any atmosphere, so your personality will be featured in every aspect of your special day and your guests are treated to the very best. Call today to learn how we can help you plan and design your 2020 wedding.