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Plan a modern Roaring Twenties bash

Every December 31 provides opportunity to celebrate by planning a gala with friends and family. From the low-key house party to the lavish party center event, most look forward to an exciting evening and a big welcome to the new year.

With this new decade, why not ring in the new year with a roar?

Known for a surging economy, exuberant lifestyles that included costume parties, jazz and short skirts, and a flouting of prohibition, the Roaring Twenties of the 1900s present the perfect backdrop for this new 20s era. Your costume party can encourage guests to create a modern version of flappers and their beaus in zoot suits and gangster hats.

Plan décor for your party that celebrates scenes from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels, many of which were based on actual events from his life during the 1920s. Black, white and red decorations in the spirt of the Great Gatsby are sure to add excitement and nostalgia to any gathering.

Build a theme around the Harlem Renaissance of the time, with colorful artistic designs in the spirit of African culture and the poems of Langston Hughes. Serve a range of refreshments from pig’s feet and bathtub gin to caviar and champagne.

Turn your living room into a speakeasy, complete with dim lights and a doorman “limiting access.” Serve champagne punch, Mint Juleps, and Old Fashioneds with fruit.

Special Moments professionals are on-hand to help you plan the perfect modern Roaring Twenties party, with themed colors for everything from linens to centerpieces. Let us handle the food, with options that bring back the Roaring Twenties, including fried ravioli, cabbage rolls, crab stuffed mushrooms and nut roll.

Don’t wait to plan your celebration of the New Year 2020! Whether you prefer a traditional, elegant New Year’s Eve event or a whimsical costumed gala, our team is ready to provide all your party needs, including full catered meals and bar service. Call today!