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Get to his heart through his stomach on Father’s Day

They may all be different, but if you have a dad in your home, it’s probably safe to assume he loves a grilled dinner, from burgers to filet mignon. We’ll also bet the grilling is usually his job.

It’s hard to say where the trend began, but certainly in American homes, the kitchen tends to be the women’s territory and, if any portion of the feast is being grilled, the patio or deck becomes the men’s territory. Women gather in the kitchen with cocktails while men congregate around the grill with beers.

If this seems to be the case in your home, Father’s Day may be the day you take up the job of grilling the meal so he can relax. But time in front of the grill can detract from those opportunities to relax together. Maybe a quiet afternoon in the sun with immediate family sounds like the perfect day. Your man may long to entertain your extended family or friends with yard games or to gather with you and the kids around the television for a baseball game.

If quality family time on Father’s Day sounds like best way to please the dads in your life, consider skipping the grilling, but not the grilled meal.

Special Moments Catering has the answer for men who love barbecue, with a multitude of choices on our barbecue catering menu. Your catered barbecue is prepared and cooked to your specifications using the highest quality meats. Your main dish is accompanied by delicious, freshly prepared sides of your choice.

Whether you are feeding a group or just a few, choose from one-third pound hamburgers, jumbo quarter pound all-beef hot dogs, grilled chicken breast, St. Louis-style ribs, and steaks, including ribeye, strip or filet. Your complete meal provides the man in the house with a day off, you with quality family time, and everyone with the best in barbecue.

Consider what the fathers in your life would most like for their special day and call Special Moments today.