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Beating the winter blues in Northeast Ohio

With the holidays behind us and winter setting in, you may be looking for a reason to get out, mingle with friends and kick your heels up a bit. This is a tough time of year in Northeast Ohio. Short days, cold temperatures, and snow and ice can take their toll on even the hardiest Midwesterner.

Why not plan a February “Beat the Blues” party to help pass the time? Venues are generally available and costs reasonable during this slower time of year for entertaining. Theme ideas can range from snow activities to warm getaways, and everything in between. Or simply focus on a distraction from the winter blahs with games and good food.

Some creative ideas:

  • Do you and your friends have a favorite television show or movie? Plan a viewing party complete with themed food and beverages.

  • Organize a game night with a variety of game choices, or choose one favorite game (board game, cards, dice) and plan a tournament. Choose a themed prize for the winner.

  • Murder mystery parties are coming back and easy to plan, with complete kits readily available. Guests are assigned a role and dress for their part.

  • Carnival is celebrated in many countries at this time of year, but best known are the Mardi Gras balls of New Orleans. Plan your own—just add masks, beads, jambalaya and hurricanes.

When it comes to themed parties, the planning is half the fun. Once you’ve decided what your guests will experience at your party, consider venue options. Be sure it supports your theme – big enough, but not too big. For example, a television watch party may be best suited to your home, but a Mardi Gras ball may need a small party room.

Next, dig into the details:

  • Carry your theme into every corner, with decorations and color on walls, tables and furniture.

  • Choose themed names for appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

  • Invent a couple creative drinks just for your party.

  • Don’t forget the music to set the perfect atmosphere—island music, cold weather lyrics, carnival tunes, game show jingles.

Here at Special Moments Catering, our professional planners are ready to set the details for your “Beat the Blues” party. We’ll help with ideas, suggest great food and drink options, provide top notch service and take care of the clean-up. All you have to do is bring guests and enjoy.