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Cater to graduate when planning party

Planning for graduation parties is in full swing, as high schools wrap up senior projects and end-of-the-year festivities. If you haven’t considered details for your graduate’s big celebration, call on an expert to help get things rolling. But first, talk to your graduate!

Picking a theme and menu for a graduation party is easy when you consider the personality of your graduate. Is he or she organized, a planner, or spontaneous? Does he like pizza on the go? Does she enjoy sit-down dinners? Is the graduate going to major in art or accounting? Build your party around the personality and preferences of the graduate, and your road map is set for you.

For the spontaneous, consider quick and easy choices that guests can grab and go. Your graduate and special guests will likely be on the move, circulating among friends and relatives, so pizza squares, wings, compact hors d’oeuvres, cheese and veggie trays, are all simple choices that can move with them. Keep decorations clean and at a minimum, with a memorabilia table and a color scheme that highlights the high school, college or both. Simple desserts, such as cookies or small cakes finish the design perfectly.

For a more traditional affair, choose meal options such as chicken parm and pasta or roast beef with vegetable choices that move your guests easily from food tables to seating. Limit your offerings, including choices for vegetarian, and your party is simple to organize and enjoyable for all, with plenty of opportunity to gather and relax. A themed cake is a perfect dessert option. Be sure to have enough tables and chairs to accommodate your anticipated guest list.

If your guest list is long enough to make seating everyone a bit challenging, talk to your caterer about meal options that are satisfying and still somewhat portable. Your caterer also can help you with creative settings that can seat more people without using large tables. The layout and décor can make the celebration, so be sure to use these services to make your graduate’s party memorable.

For the detail-oriented decorator, talk to your caterer about themed desserts to truly complete the theme. Graduation comes once in a lifetime, so make your celebration the best it can be. The experts at Special Moments Catering are available to help you get the planning started and build the perfect party.