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Halloween parties that cater to adults

Most adults would agree that Halloween should not be reserved for the kids. Theme parties are on the rise, and Halloween provides the perfect backdrop for a full range of creativity. From whimsical to formal, you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to the details of your party.

Theme parties are at their best when guests are immersed in the event. Start by choosing a theme that sets the tone. A formal gathering may be a masquerade event set in old Paris. A more casual event could be set in an ancient New Orleans haunt complete with voodoo dolls. Emphasize gory or emphasize silly, but work with your caterer to carry the theme through every detail of your party. Transform your home and yard so your theme is everywhere your guests will be. Use entryways, patios, lighting, music and landscaping to take your guests to your chosen location, era or fantasy.

Trust your caterer to help you with ideas to build your theme, beginning with a color scheme. Table decorations are key, especially if your party leans toward the formal. Formal dinners can start with on-theme table setting and seat assignments, and continue through service of a carefully constructed meal of “brains” and “eyeballs” in perfect presentation. Casual buffet or hors d’oeuvres service should create the unexpected from the expected. Mini weenies dressed as mummies, bloody fingers, fruit displayed as pumpkins and goblins, punch in bubbling cauldrons, are all possibilities your caterer can help you dream up.

Let the experts do the work. Spend your time building a guest list and deciding on the perfect costume while your caterer creates a meat and cheese tray complete with a skull centerpiece. Snacks can be served from an autopsy table. Serve elegant gore or whimsical marshmallow ghosts, but carry your theme across your dinner table.

Encourage social gathering with a Halloween s’mores table and “campfire,” or a candy apply bar accompanied by a simmering cauldron of caramel.

Your caterer is an expert event planner. For the perfectly themed, stress-free party this Halloween, leave the food and decoration details to the professionals and get ready to immerse yourself in your haunted house, graveyard or zombie ball.