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Man-Friendly Wedding Food

steak-dinner In general, weddings are a bit frillier than most men would like. Lots of flowers and cloth napkins can take men out of their comfort zone. If you want to introduce a masculine character to your wedding celebration, then consider these ways to incorporate man-friendly wedding food from caterers in Cleveland.

Artisanal beers. Beer is a real man food. Don’t just offer the standard beers at your wedding. Instead, offer an artisanal beer bar. With a variety of beers to choose from, your friends will have a great time sampling many different styles and tastes.

Custom cocktail. A custom cocktail doesn’t have to be a neon color and taste something like cotton candy. Akron caterers can develop a cocktail that reflects a more masculine sensibility with earthy tones that will set the mood for the party.

Offer meats. Whether you choose a pig roast, steaks, or handmade sausages, having a focus on meat will fill your guest’s bellies and send them home happy. Having the meat grilled outdoors to order is a memorable way to celebrate your day.

Food truck. What’s better than gourmet food truck cuisine? If you have a favorite food truck provider, ask about their catering policy. If they aren’t able to fulfill your request, your catering service may be able to replicate some of the dishes you would like to eat.

Wood grilled pizza. Pizza is another man-friendly food. Make it wedding appropriate by offering a variety of gourmet wood-grilled pizzas. Topped with handmade mozzarella, prosciutto or even seafood, your friends will love it.

Wedding food doesn’t have to be fussy. If you are looking for a way to man-up your wedding food, try some of these ideas. At Special Moments Catering, we specialize in making your food one of the best parts of your special day. Call us for more suggestions and to reserve a date.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Father’s Day is a No-Fuss Holiday

fathers-day-mealOne of the best parts of Father’s Day is that Dad’s don’t always want fancy foods. This is one holiday where you can skimp on the preparation and still have a happy family. If this describes the men in your life, then check out these menu ideas from caterers in Cleveland for a no-fuss Father’s Day.

Pasta salad. A big bowl of pasta salad can satisfy the hungriest men. Choose from a creamy base with spring peas, hardboiled eggs and celery or an oil and vinegar dressed variety complete with baby tomatoes and salami.

T-Bone Steaks. What man doesn’t love a big steak? Buy thick cut steaks and prepare a hot grill. Season them simply with salt and coarse pepper and sear them until they develop a crust. If they are not cooking fast enough internally, then you can finish them in an oven to control the temperature more easily.

Thick cut pork chops. Like a good steak, a thick cut pork chop is a good, manly meal. Akron caterers say to ask your butcher for those with the bone still attached. Marinate these in garlic, olive oil, chopped parsley and fresh oregano. Cook on the grill and serve with grilled corn.

Handmade sausages and sauerkraut. If your men love their ethnic heritage, consider offering handmade sausages and sauerkraut. Served on crusty sandwich rolls with kettle chips and pickles, your men will hum with delight!

Chocolate cake. No Father’s Day dinner can be finished without a good chunk of cake. Offer a dark chocolate cake with a smooth ganache to finish off the meal.

There are so many ways to celebrate the effect that the men in your life have. Luckily, men love simple food. Try these suggestions from our catering service and make your man happy. And, if you need more ideas, simply give us a call! We’ll be happy to help.