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Creative Clambakes For Every Season

While many people may think of clambakes as a singularly fall type of party, in New England clambakes happen all summer long. When you are looking for an innovative way to entertain your closest friends and family, consider a clambake.

A clambake can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. The perfect evening starts with ambiance enhancing decorations. Akron caterers suggest using shells, candles, and fishing nets to decorate your party area. Tables can be covered with red checkered table cloths or can simply be covered with plastic and then a layer of newspaper for a more rustic New England style event.

The menu at a clambake is the most important part of the evening. When asked, caterers in Cleveland suggest that you think of a clambake as part BBQ and part seafood party. The menu can be as simple as your favorite variety of clams, along with baked potatoes, cornbread and salad, or can reflect a more sophisticated aesthetic. When professional Akron caterers host clambakes, they may include everything from appetizers of heirloom tomatoes and homemade mozzarella cubes or a rich clam chowder, to preparing whole lobsters or crabs and a variety of pasta salads, coleslaw and grilled corn with spiced butter. For dessert, choose something that is light enough to go with the seafood choices you have made. Selections such as fruit pies and ice cream can be a lovely way to end the dinner.

Cooking the clams can be as easy as starting your grill. While many traditional clambakes in New England involve digging a pit, lining it with stones and charcoal and then covering it with seaweed and canvas, you can also duplicate those same conditions in your yard. You can dig a pit in your yard as well, or you can simply use your grill. Many caterers use a steamer to get the best results with clams and mussels.

When the food is ready, invite your friends and family to sit down and eat. Much of what is important about a clambake is the sense of community that develops from eating outdoors in a rustic environment. In fact, many caterers are now seeing more clambakes used as a great rehearsal dinner or wedding reception idea. Instead of the formal sit down dinner, guests are invited to sit outside and enjoy time spent with the new couple.

Clambakes don’t just have to happen in the fall. Enjoy the special type of camaraderie that happens when people get to enjoy each other and the outdoors. Interested in hosting a clambake? Contact Special Moments Catering today for more information!

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Best Menus for Fall Corporate Training Events

sandwiches Fall is typically a busy time of the year for businesses to refocus on work. One of the best ways to motivate your staff is to pair a day of training with food and treats that will keep them going. Here are just a few suggestions from caterers in Akron that will make your day long training event a success.

Think healthy. While it may be fun to have elaborate meals that your staff can enjoy, the food may leave them feeling lethargic and sluggish. Focus on fresh flavors and healthy options that will give them energy throughout the day.

Offer a light breakfast. With a focus on proteins and fruit, your team will be feeling energetic all morning. Omelet stations, fruit bowls and lean meats will keep them full throughout your morning session.

Create a snack bar. Having a snack bar open right after breakfast with bottled water, juices, fruit, muffins, and bagels can give every person a good option between breakfast and lunch.

Packed lunches are perfect for breakout sessions. With nice fall weather, having a packed gourmet lunch that can be taken outside during brainstorming or team building sessions can help everyone recharge. Turkey sandwiches on multigrain bread with provolone and pesto, a small salad and a drink can fuel people for the afternoon.

Provide afternoon snacks. When people hit the afternoon slump have chocolate and coffee available to help perk them up. Trail mix, dried fruits and cold drinks are also welcome additions to an afternoon snack bar.

Make the food at your fall kickoff training meeting as memorable as the training itself. By considering your team’s needs, you will let them know that they are cared for and valued. Contact Special Moments Catering today for more information on our corporate event planning and catering!

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
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Planning a Memorable Graduation Party

graduationExams are done, homework is completed and it is time to celebrate with friends and family. For you and your family, hosting a graduation party can be a memorable occasion that is the beginning of a new stage of life for your high school or college graduate. How can you make this day special? Here are some ideas from caterers in Cleveland that can make your party fun.

Choose a great cake as the focal point of your party. Get your cake in school colors or in the shape of the school mascot. For high school graduates, choose either high school or college colors, depending on whether your child would like to celebrate their accomplishments or focus on their future.

Plan for people to come in and out. With many kids graduating all at the same time, plan on people stopping in to offer their warm wishes for a short amount of time. Plan snack or buffet style food that can be held over several hours and is ready when guests arrive.

Enjoy your day, too. Instead of trying to do all of the cooking and serving, consider hiring kids to help serve the food, or have a caterer provide all of the food for you. That way, you can enjoy your day and spend time with your guests without having to worry about serving or food preperation.

Choose your child’s favorite food. Instead of trying to make your meal formal, think about serving all of your child’s favorite food. Mexican food, pasta, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and chocolate are all foods that can be easily added into a menu for a graduation party.

Incorporate your child’s interests. Whether your child loves theater, marching band or lacrosse, add personal touches to your party decorations. A helmet, part of a costume or a musical instrument on a display table let people know more about who your child is and what their interests are.

Planning a memorable graduation party can be more than just hamburgers on the grill. By adding in personal touches, food your child loves and displays items that celebrate their uniqueness, you can make a statement that your friends and family will remember. The best tip of all? Let us do the cooking! We can create a family-friendly menu and do all the work so that you can enjoy your child’s special day. Call us today!

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Enticing Touches for a Gender Reveal Party


Baby showers move over – gender reveal parties are all the rage!  Adding a hint of mystery to the party, more and more expectant couples are choosing to announce the gender of their baby during their baby shower.  Cleveland caterers have great ideas to make your gender reveal party that much more fun! 

A menu of pregnancy craving foods. Pickles, ice cream and chocolate – just a few of the items that women crave while pregnant.  You can build a great party menu using these foods.

Lighter fare for a girl, meat for a boy. Give your guests a hint at the gender of your baby by choosing lighter fare for a girl, and heavier foods for a boy.  Lemon chicken and rice or steak salads are options to consider. 

Make guests guess.When guests arrive, have each of them choose blue or pink flowers for centerpiece.  As they add them to the vases on the table, the overwhelming feel of the crowd will become apparent.  You can also have guests add colored marbles to a jar at the entrance to indicate their choice.

Have fun snacks. Gender reveal parties are by nature a fun event.  Adding fun items to the menu like rosemary popcorn, barbequed pork and fried pickles can help the guests to have a great time.  This is especially true if you are hosting a couple’s event where the men may want to retreat outdoors away from the crowd.

Offer pink and blue candy. A great giveaway for your guests is a variety of pink and blue candy as they leave.  Wait until after the reveal to present each guest with their own treat to take home.

Gender reveal parties are an amazingly fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child.  By using some creative details, your guests will have a great time helping you to prepare for a new family member.

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Formality Returns to Fall Weddings

Summer is all about relaxation and casual events.  The trends all shift with brisk fall weather.  After the fun of the summer, many brides opt for more formal ceremonies for their fall nuptials.  The trend toward formality is currently resurging after the spontaneous nature of the summer months in our area.  Here are just a few of the trends that caterers in Cleveland feel are more common in the fall months.


Formal invitations. Formal invitations set the stage for more formal ceremonies.  Invitations that feature gold or silver lettering, reception cards and script let your guests know that your wedding will be special and elegant.

Seated, plated dinners . For a more formal option, consider opting for a seated dinner rather than a buffet.  The elegance of being served an aesthetically pleasing dinner will allow your guests to enjoy the feast you have designed for them.

Use local, flavorful vegetables. In the fall, your Akron caterer can help acquire locally grown vegetables that will be the most flavorful of the season.  Your guests will enjoy every bite when they have a chance to eat locally grown foods.

Celebrate ancestry with foods. Your ethnicity is an important consideration when thinking through your menu.  Choose meats with a chimichurri sauce, artisanal sausages or handmade pastas for a truly special meal.

Luxe menu details. Adding in just a few luxe details can elevate your wedding above many others.  Smoked salmon with caviar, truffle oil and delicate pastries are just a few of the ways you can add luxurious details in your foods.

Fall is an amazing time to enjoy a more formal wedding celebration.  With seated dinners, local vegetables and delectable menu details, each and every guest will remember your wedding forever.  Call Special Moments Catering today for more formal wedding ideas.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Personalized Graduation Parties

If your child is graduating from high school or college, then a fantastic graduation party is in order. Consider these tips below from experienced Cleveland caterers to create the ideal atmosphere:

Choose invitations that reflect your child’s personality. The invitations that you choose set the tone for your party even before it happens. Much like planning for a wedding, caterers say that the invitation should reflect your child’s interests and future plans.

Find a location. Graduation parties can be held everywhere from your backyard to a country club or a party center. If you choose to have it at your home, then consider how many tables you may need and what to do if the weather isn’t ideal. Professional caterers in the Akron area have access to tent, table and chair rentals, which can make your party that much easier to host.

Give information on parking. If you are inviting a large group of people to your home, provide information on parking so that guests know exactly where to park for the event.

Prepare for guests coming and going. Frequently, guests at graduation parties stop in for a while and then go on to other parties. Knowing that will help you to create a food menu and party plan that will deal with that certainty.

Offer a perfect menu. Akron-based caterers believe that there are many options for your party. You can keep it as light as sandwiches and pasta salads or you can offer a more substantial buffet. If you are considering a more complicated offering, then consider hiring a caterer for the event. That way, you can enjoy your time with friends and family instead of worrying about the food.

Make it personal. If your child has favorite foods, then caterers that regularly do weddings suggest working those into the menu or taking on a theme to keep it personal. Ideas such as a Mexican buffet, gourmet pizzas, tailgate foods for the football player, or a pasta buffet can all reflect your child and their interests.

Keep it sweet. A fantastic cake and dessert assortment can make any party memorable. A graduation cake and an assortment of cookies, tarts and even ice cream sundaes can be fun for the graduate, friends and family.

Celebrating a graduation can be a momentous occasion in the life of a family. With the help of a caterer, you can offer a lovely day for your child and your family. For more information on how a catering service can help you to create the perfect graduation party, call Special Moments catering.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
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Host a Summer Wedding Brunch


With the beautiful weather of the summer, many couples consider hosting a wedding brunch rather than a formal dinner. The more casual the atmosphere makes guests feel at home and allow the bride and groom to not only relax after all of the excitement of the wedding, but save money on food costs as well. Considering hosting a brunch for your summer wedding? Here are just a few ideas Akron caterers suggest as to what you can serve:

A traditional brunch sampler. Including foods such as muffins, scones, bagels and pastries along with an omelet station is a substantial way to keep your guests happy. Adding a belgian waffle station with toppings can provide a fun way to celebrate.

Luncheon foods for a more formal brunch. Offering roasted turkey, seasoned new potatoes and an herbed rice dish is a light meal that works well for a sit down brunch. Hearty breads and a light salad can finish the meal.

Sandwich sampler. Tea sandwiches, miniature quiches and vegetable tarts are ideal for a brunch where guests can serve themselves. Wrap sandwiches are also a good option. Cookies, small tartlets and petit fours are a light, sweet way to end the meal.

Get out the grill. For couples who want a truly casual end to their ceremony, caterers say that a lunch of grilled chicken, sausages and hamburgers can really encourage guests to relax and enjoy the afternoon. Serve with seasoned hand-cut fries, homemade potato chips, and Carolina-inspired coleslaw.

Try Asian. If you and your fiancee love Asian food, then let that be the theme for your afternoon brunch. Steamed dumplings, chicken sate, fried rice and fortune cookies make for a fun, festive presentation.

Hosting a post-wedding summer brunch is a lovely way to end your special day. More casual and economical than a formal dinner, a wedding brunch can offer a variety of foods that your family and guests will enjoy. Interested in a wedding brunch for your special day? Let Special Moments Catering help! Call us today.