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Fourth of July Menus with Spark

Do you have a yearly 4th of July barbeque?  Tired of offering the same menu each and every year, but don’t have tons of time to learn a whole new menu?  With a little help or a twist on an old favorite you can offer a more sophisticated menu. Try these tasty ideas from caterers in Cleveland that will spark a great party.

Crab boil. Break out the newspaper and hammers!  A traditional crab boil is an easy afternoon meal that an Akron caterer can set up for you.  Simply add crabs to a pre-prepared boil and drain them after just a few minutes.  Load them up in stainless steel bucket and put them right on the table.  Don’t worry about plates – they are normally served on newspaper as guests eat with their hands.

Grilled corn on the cob. You can do a lot more with fresh corn on the cob than just boil it.  Make a compound butter by mixing chili powder, fresh herbs and sweet butter.  Spread over the corn, wrap in foil and put on the grill.  The corn will caramelize and taste great!

Pulled pork. Put the hamburgers and hot dogs aside and try something different.  Slow cook a pork butt and add a homemade barbeque sauce.  Serve on crusty sandwich rolls with coleslaw and pickles for a summertime treat.

Biscuits. Tired of rolls?  Caterers in Cleveland know that biscuits are a versatile substitute.  Biscuits are great with fried chicken, make an amazing base for strawberry shortcake and even make great holders for sausage sandwiches.

Berry cobbler or strawberry shortcake. Berries are at their peak in the summer.  Take advantage of their natural sweetness by using them in a delicious dessert.  Cobblers, shortcakes and pies are just a few ways to enjoy summertime berries.

Fourth of July doesn’t have to be bland with the same menu every year.  Just a few quick changes can really help your meal to spark fun and lively conversation.  It’s not too late to have Special Moments help you with your summer picnic or party.  Call us today to discuss your next event.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Host a Magnificent Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official first weekend of the summer and a great time kick back with the most important people in your life. Whether you are planning on hosting a large summer barbeque or just plan to hang out on the deck with your closest friends, you can make the food the centerpiece of the day. You don’t have to do the “same old, same old.” Here are some delicious ideas from Cleveland caterers that will spoil your friends and family.


Go southwestern. People love southwestern-inspired foods.  Marinate chicken in garlic, lime and chilies and cook it on a hot grill.  Slice it up and serve it with tortillas, fresh vegetables and cheese for do-it-yourself chicken tacos.  Add red beans and rice and a pitcher of frothy margaritas or sangria for a festive touch.

Celebrate an early tailgate. You don’t have to wait for football season to enjoy tailgate foods.  Make your own homemade sausages (or buy them from a local butcher), you’re your own gourmet burgers with spices and thick slabs of cheese and add a Carolina-style vinegar slaw and you’ll have your own fans.

Try traditional. Tried and true is such for a reason.  If you love fried chicken, potato salad and chocolate chip cookies, then caterers in Akron say that Memorial Day is the perfect time to create your own picnic.  Serve it under a big tree on your best red checked picnic blanket, bring a game of croquet and make an afternoon of it.

Enjoy ethnic foods. Sure, there are a lot of traditions around Memorial Day, but there is no reason you can’t make your own.  Try an ethnic twist on the day.  Cook rustic Italian foods or use the day to explore making your own Thai dishes.  Offering something out of the norm will set the stage for a great summer.

Don’t let Memorial Day pass without trying something new for your summer kick off.  Whether you offer southwestern food, choose a tailgate menu or picnic or experiment with ethnic foods, you can make the holiday fun for you and your guests.

Planning a large event?  Give us a call – we can help with everything from the cooking to the serving and event planning.  Contact us today!

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Host a Themed Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is an amazing opportunity to let your mom know how much you appreciate her without saying a word. Planning a themed Mother’s Day celebration is a creative way to design a meal that’s all about her.

As you choose your theme, Cleveland caterers suggest incorporating the memories you have of your mom. Here are some themes to help you get started:


Garden party. If your mom is a real lady or loves to grow roses then she’ll appreciate a meal that is outdoors in the garden. Highlight pretty tablecloths with delicate food choices such as poached salmon, new potatoes, spinach salad, and strawberry cheesecake. Fresh flowers make a lovely centerpiece.

Sports loving mom. For moms that love sports, hosting a Mother’s Day tailagte party or a catered BBQ can be a unique way to acknowledge her love of football, basketball, or baseball. Drag out the grill and cook a variety of handmade chicken sausages, baked beans, jalapeno cornbread and offer brownies and ice cream for dessert.

Family-focused moms. Family is the center of life for many moms. If this describes your mom, then consider hosting a family picnic. Spread out your best red and white picnic blanket on the ground and serve fried chicken, deviled eggs, cut up vegetables with dip and lemonade. Chocolate chip cookies make the perfect ending to the meal.

Ethnic moms. If your mom is proud of her heritage, then honor her by making all of her favorite ethnic foods. From homemade Mexican tamales, Italian ravioli and sauce or Yorkshire pudding for British moms, the thought you put into the meal will mean a lot. Decorate your table tastefully with the national colors of your moms’ heritage and add ethnic touches to the dessert as well.

A sweet mom. Some moms are best known for their sweet tooth. If that describes your mom, then offer her a brunch with a full complement of pastries from her favorite bakery, or you can even take her favorite desserts and make them yourself. Adding a fruit salad, a baked egg souffle’ and fresh squeezed juices can take your brunch to the next level.

Hosting a themed Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to acknowledge the impact that your mom has made on your life. If you need more ideas on what to serve or would like some help, contact Special Moments Catering today! Our friendly staff is happy to pitch in to help make your next event memorable.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Autumn Wedding Cake Flavors You’ll Fall in Love With

More and more often, caterers in Akron, Ohio, are suggesting to their clients that they do a twist on a classic. If you are serving large cake at your fall wedding reception, there are so many choices that you have beyond the normal white or yellow cake with fondant frosting. Read on for some suggestions as to how you can spice up your fall cake choice.

Carrot cake is a natural. With the earthy sweet texture of grated carrots, raisins and nuts, carrot cake is a wonderful choice for your wedding reception dessert catering. According to Catering Cleveland, the cake is solid enough that it can stand up to your most elaborate decorating plans, whether you would like a multi-tier cake, one covered in fondant fall flowers or shaped cakes.

Spice cake. Caterers Akron say that a dense spice cake really reflects the flavors and spices of the season. Hints of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg are a warm contrast to the cold weather outside. A spice cake makes wonderful cupcakes and can be filled with cream cheese filling for a decadent dessert.

Pumpkin spice cake. A twist on the traditional spice cake, the pumpkin spice cake uses the sweetness of pumpkin as a contrast to the strong flavors of the spices. Cleveland catering recommends pumpkin spice cake for those couples who are really looking for something different and very seasonally-inspired for their wedding.

White chocolate cake. Certainly, deep, dark chocolate can be a welcome flavor during the colder months, but caterers in Cleveland say that white chocolate cake is a lighter alternative. Filled with a raspberry or sweetened cranberry filling, your guests will enjoy this light dessert after a heavy fall-themed meal.

Each of these cake choices can offer your guests an unique take on a fall dessert. As you speak to your caterer, don’t forget to discuss the wide variety of fillings and alternate desserts that are available. From cream cheese filling, to hazelnut or maple filling, you can feel free to be creative with your choices about what to add to your cake. Remember, a filling isn’t just what holds your cake together, it is an additional layer of flavor. There is also the option of alternate desserts. A mini-pie bar filled with seasonal pies and tartlets can also be a wonderful way to offer your guests a sweet at the end of the meal.

Dessert doesn’t have to be limited to a simple yellow or white cake. With a little planning, your autumn wedding menu can be creative down to the last crumb.

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Hosting a BBQ Wedding

Are you and your fiancé more the jeans-type than suits and dresses?  Do you love to be outdoors?  Do you have hobbies like hiking, riding motorcycles, horseback riding or fixing vintage cars?  If these describe you, then why not have a BBQ wedding?  A BBQ-based wedding reception is an amazing option for couples who want to make a statement and who prefer a more casual event for their nuptials.


Think Summer food. Instead of a formal buffet, talk to your caterer in Cleveland about offering grilled chicken, a variety of steaks, and pork chops.  Your caterer can serve these to order by setting up large grills at your site.  The meat can be served with chimichurri, salsas or even a selection of homemade barbeque sauces.

Offer succulent sides. With a BBQ wedding, there are plenty of options to add to your selection of grilled meats.  From Carolina coleslaw to seasonal roasted vegetables, your wedding reception caterer can help you to decide on exactly what will go best with your main course.  Grilled corn, spinach salad, roasted vegetables and pasta salads are just a few additional options to explore.

Custom drinks add to the fun.  Depending on what you and your fiancé like, you can offer a variety of drinks.  Options include locally produced wines, frozen drinks like margaritas and even a selection of artisanal beers.  Each of these add to the personality of your reception.

Choose a dessert that fits the theme.  If you are having a BBQ wedding, then having a large, ornately decorated cake may not be the way that you’d like to end your party.  Consider asking your Akron caterer to bring strawberry shortcake with flavored whip cream or a selection of homemade pies and ice cream to finish off the dinner.  If there is a bonfire nearby, then roasting marshmallows and making s’mores is a fun way to end the meal.

For outdoor-loving couples, having a wedding BBQ can be a memorable way to celebrate your special day.  With grilled foods, a variety of amazing salads and side dishes and a pie bar to end the meal, your friends and family will be talking about your wedding for months afterward.

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Best Spring Wedding Menus

Choosing a menu for your spring wedding offers many, many options. With warmer weather and the first local crops coming to market, featuring lighter foods is a wonderful way to celebrate your special day.  Looking for some great spring wedding menu ideas?  Check out these options courtesy of Akron wedding reception caterers.


Keep it fresh.  Incorporating fresh young vegetables, such as baby carrots, asparagus, new potatoes, and sugar snap peas are bright flavors in contrast with the traditional winter menus that are heavy on meats and potatoes.

Include a new twist on dessert.  Instead of a heavy cake, such as dark chocolate and raspberry, try offering a more seasonal option such as carrot cake, chocolate cake, or coconut cake.  The traditional Italian wedding cake, a cassata cake, made with vanilla sponge cake, pastry cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream can be a light way to end your wedding celebration.  Sugar cookies, petit fours, mini lemon-scented cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries are other light additions to your dessert buffet.

Use springtime flavors.  Instead of using pungent fall and winter spices such as garlic, try incorporating some lighter flavors.  Offering lemon and rosemary scented chicken breasts served with wild rice or salmon roasted with thyme and sea salt are seasonal options that will please your guests.

Update your drinks.  According to caterers in Cleveland, a trend among couples is to have their own signature drink at their wedding.  Use a citrusy-based drink, such as pink lemonade or a Margarita as a base for your own celebration-inspired beverage.

Keep salads light.  Spring is a great time to change from Caesar salads to a lighter mix that features baby greens or mesclun.  The addition of hard boiled eggs, goat cheese or spring peas or even toasted pecans and strawberries can provide a flavorful alternative.

Adapt your appetizers.  Offering mini egg soufflés or shellfish-based appetizers are a wonderful way to lighten your menu.  A selection of cheeses and fruit are also a lovely springtime addition.

There are many ways to adapt your wedding celebration to the warmer weather of spring.  Catering services in Cleveland and Akron that specialize in wedding receptions suggest incorporating fresh young vegetables, lighter desserts such as a cassata cake, and egg and fish based appetizers are excellent options for couples who want their special day to reflect the spring season.

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Hosting a Thanksgiving to Remember

There is no question that hosting Thanksgiving is very different than BBQ catering in Akron. Certainly, Thanksgiving comes with it’s own set of expectations. Hosting your first Thanksgiving can be a challenge simply because of that fact. Are you hosting your first Thanksgiving this year? Read on for tips from caterers in Akron, Ohio, that can help make your family holiday memorable.

Tried and true traditions. If your family has traditions that they have held for many years, incorporating those traditions can help to make the day a success. Whether it is a certain green bean recipe or a particular time to eat, Cleveland caterers say that even small nods to family history will make your guests happy. Does that mean that you shouldn’t try anything new? Not at all. In fact, Caterers Akron says that this is a great time to try new recipes, a more casual set up, or even try frying a turkey.

Have more meat. Though most families eat turkey on Thanksgiving, catering in Cleveland believes it is okay to add another main course. Whether you choose to add ham, a beef tenderloin or even a variety of sausages, having more choices means happier guests.

Potlucks are fun. One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is having everyone bring their favorite dish. On top of having a great range of foods to choose from, it allows people to bring their favorite foods and to share something from their own kitchen. As the hostess, ask each person to bring a dish and Caterers Akron says not to be shy about asking what they are bringing. Knowing ahead of time that Aunt Suzie will be bringing her pumpkin pie will let you mark it off of your list of things to prepare.

Plan ahead. The most stressful part of Thanksgiving is how much food there is to prepare. The best way to eliminate the stress is to plan ahead. Cleveland Catering says that the most common mistake is not planning for plenty of time to thaw a frozen turkey. You can eliminate that hassle by simply buying a fresh turkey.

Hosting your first Thanksgiving can be a fun event if you allow for some traditions to be kept, have people bring food to share and plan ahead. Do you have questions about how to pull off a great Thanksgiving meal? Call Special Moments Catering today for help. We’ll even do the cooking for you!

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Surprise Your Team with Thanksgiving!

There is nothing more personal than having a meal with someone. While most of our business interaction with co-workers is over a conference table, using the Thanksgiving holiday as a way to host an appreciation business luncheon is a wonderful way to thank your team for their service. How can you incorporate this into your work week? With our no-fuss plan, you’ll have your team nibbling on turkey before you know it.

Cleveland catering has many suggestions for creating a memorable Thanksgiving event for your employees. Consider sending your team out on their last day of work before the holiday to spend time at a food bank. While they are spending the morning helping others, caterers in Akron can arrive to set up a full Thanksgiving luncheon for the hungry workers. Tables can be set in a conference room or lunch room with Thanksgiving-themed tablecloths and napkins with baskets of gourds in the center. Hot apple cider can be waiting for workers as they come back, expecting to go back to work. Imagine their surprise at being greeted by a celebration! If space isn’t available for the celebration at your facility, consider renting space nearby at a church or party center. Simply instruct your team to stop by to pick up supplies on their way back to the office.

No matter the location, Caterers Akron can provide a full Thanksgiving lunch, complete with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green vegetable and pies for dessert. During the luncheon, allow your team plenty of time to eat and enjoy each others company. As they relax, you will see a whole new side to each individual. You can show thankfulness and appreciation by either giving each person a small gift to take home, or you can even do drawings and giveaways for gift cards to the movies or restaurants – great ways to spend the Thanksgiving weekend.

If your company will allow it, Cleveland Catering suggests letting your very full and happy team go home after lunch to begin their Thanksgiving weekend early. While they may miss a few hours of work, you will have earned a lot of goodwill for your efforts to break bread outside of a formal business luncheon.

Do you want more information about hosting your own Thanksgiving appreciation business luncheon? Contact Special Moments Catering today for more information on how we can help celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

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Inventive Fall Wedding Menus

With the milder weather and amazing colors, fall is one of the best times of the year to get married. If you are considering having a fall wedding, then also consider incorporating an inventive fall wedding menu. Foodie couples love sharing their culinary interests with their families. An inventive fall menu is more than just the typical fare offered at weddings throughout the year and is the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family.

Cleveland caterers can help you develop just the right menu for your wedding reception catering. One trend in fall celebrations is to skip the salad as the starter course and opt for something more hearty, like a soup. Served in a bread bowl, hollowed out pumpkin or squash, the soup provides a warm way to start a meal as well as an innovative aesthetic. Other options for starters might include miniature handmade sausages or small tarts served with heirloom tomatoes.

Once the starter course is over, caterers in Akron, Ohio, may suggest following up with a seasonally-inspired main course. Couples interested in taking advantage of the fall theme may select a rack of lamb served with gingered carrots and couscous or even a roasted Cornish game hen with roasted potatoes on the side. For a true departure from the norm, some caterers in Akron are even suggesting potpies. Filled with roasted chicken, pork or beef and fall vegetables, guests love the comfort food. Shepherd’s pie is also a wonderful option.

The creativity of a fall wedding menu doesn’t stop with the main course. For dessert, caterers Cleveland recommend a pie bar for dessert. Take advantage of the fall fruits by offering apple, blueberry and pumpkin pies with ice cream for dessert as well as the traditional wedding cake. Even the wedding cake can take a fall inspired twist. Decadent flavors such as butter pecan, banana, carrot cake or chocolate will be happily received by your guests. You can even opt for cheesecake instead of wedding cake if you prefer.

There are so many options for an inventive fall wedding reception that there is no reason to choose a more conservative menu. By taking advantage of your Cleveland caterers knowledge to come up with a menu that truly reflects your personality and love for food, you will show off your personal style and create an evening to remember. Do you have a fall event coming up? Contact Special Moments Catering today to hear about fall wedding menu options that will be perfect for your special event.