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Hosting a Post-Wedding Brunch

If you have attended or hosted a wedding recently, then you know that the day after the event can be a challenging one for those people who have traveled in for the wedding. Why not send them off with a wonderful post-wedding brunch the day after the wedding itself? Post-wedding brunches are a great way to extend hospitality to those who have traveled from a great distance to be part of the festivities.

The first step in planning a post-wedding brunch is to invite those people who will be traveling in from out of town or those who are staying at a local hotel. Wedding reception caterers suggest that you can simply have an additional insert card printed for those people who you’d like to include. Let them know the time and location of the brunch so that they can coordinate it with their travel plans.

The location of the post-wedding brunch doesn’t have to be nearly as formal as the wedding reception itself. Caterers in Akron, Ohio, suggest that having it in a park or at a family home are all good options that provide a casual feel. The bride and groom or members of the bridal party may even choose to attend on their way out of town.

The final step in planning a post-wedding brunch is deciding what to serve. As people may have different times they need to leave because of their travel arrangements, catering in Cleveland usually suggests having a buffet style event. At the brunch, having an omelet station and a waffle station give guests many options for the type of breakfast they would like to have. In addition, offering a range of breakfast meats, such as sausages, bacon and ham, as well as fruits, cereals and muffins are all ways to accommodate the schedules of the guests. For a twist, caterers Akron can incorporate a theme by creating breakfast burritos or even a signature drink based on the Mimosa. Guests may also appreciate a gourmet coffee bar or a bagel bar for their day-after breakfast.

Hosting a post-wedding reception can be the perfect way to end a memorable weekend. With the rush of the wedding over, guests have a chance to say goodbye to old friends and new acquaintances and head home with a full stomach. Are you looking for a wedding caterer to assist you with a post-wedding brunch? If so, contact Special Moments Catering today for more information.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Fall Picnic Party Ideas for the Whole Family

As the cooler weather approaches, it is time to shift out of pool party season and take advantage of the time left outdoors. Fall is the best time of the year to host a family party. Read on for some ideas on how you can make an afternoon and evening full of fun:

Apple picking time. If you live near an area where they grow apples, then spend an afternoon with family and friends picking apples. When you return home, you can enjoy an apple-inspired cookout. BBQ catering in Akron recommends offering pork wrapped with apple smoked bacon, roasted potatoes and a harvest corn salad.

Tailgate for your favorite team. Fall is all about football and is a great time to spend with friends. Cleveland caterers suggest hosting a tailgate party right at your home, just as your favorite football team is taking the field. You can serve hamburgers, ribs and roasted sausages.

Take a nature walk. With the beautiful fall leaf color, now is the time to plan for a nature hike with your family. To make this an even more memorable afternoon, you can arrange for caterers in Akron, Ohio to make gourmet box lunches to eat before you hike. Filled with hearty sandwiches, apple-walnut salads and homemade cookies, your guests will be sure to have the energy they need to enjoy the afternoon walking in nature.

Pumpkin carving party. Before you know it, the kids will be getting all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Why not host a pumpkin carving party the weekend before Trick-or-Treat? Have your guests bring their pumpkins and spend some time carving as a group. You can even hand out creative prizes for the best pumpkin carved that evening. After your group has worked up an appetite carving their designs, then treat them to beef stew and apple crisp served around a bonfire.

First snow party. Many times, the first snow arrives early in the season. This is a great opportunity to like a fire in your fire pit and enjoy being outside. Invite your friends and family over to drink cocoa and toast marshmallows. Your Cleveland caterers can recommend a light meal to serve to your guests to keep them warm as they enjoy visiting with each other.

Fall is the best time of the year to gather with family and friends to enjoy the weather. With these ideas and help from Special Moments Catering, you can create a family fun event that you’ll always remember. Call us today!

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Fall Business Luncheons Do’s & Don’ts

Whether you have new training to complete, need to congratulate your staff for a job well done, or are trying to secure new business, fall can be a great time to develop a plan for a business luncheon. Before the day arrives, consider these do’s and don’ts from business luncheon caterers in Akron, Ohio.

DO consider who will be eating and choose something that most people will like. While you may love Indian cuisine, the majority of your team may not. Catering in Cleveland can help you figure out exactly what to offer to your guests that will challenge their palates without overwhelming them.

DO add a vegetarian option. There are so many vegetarians these days that it is important to make sure that a meat-free option is available for those who would prefer that. Catering Cleveland can offer a wide range of salads, falafel and even tofu options that will appeal to those who don’t eat meat.

DO use local fall inspired ingredients. The fall offers some of the best produce of the year. Take advantage of those options by offering foods that highlight the harvest. Caterers Akron can help you choose from a variety of corn salads, tomato dishes and roasted vegetables.

DO try to make it fun. Business luncheons are a break from the normal pattern of the work day. Caterers in Cleveland recommend choosing a festive menu that incorporates a lighthearted atmosphere.

DON’T forget to communicate to your staff about the details. Making sure that your staff knows the exact time, location, what to expect and what to wear will help them to feel comfortable about the event. Whether you choose a formal meal or a BBQ, Catering Akron can help you to create a memorable event.

DON’T be ho-hum about the planning. If you are going to take the time to plan a special luncheon, take the time to choose a theme. Popular themes include fall sales kickoff luncheons, awards meetings and even a cookout or ice cream social as a reward for a good quarter. The time and care you put into the event will impress your staff and management.

DON’T forget to plan plenty of seating. Especially important for casual gatherings, Cleveland catering suggests that you allow plenty of room for people to sit, enjoy their food and mingle.

Planning a business luncheon doesn’t have to be a run-of-the-mill occasion. With these do’s and don’ts and some assistance from Special Moments Catering, you can create a one-of-a-kind event that your staff will remember. Contact us today for more information!

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
Special Moments will handle all the details

Fun Summer Wedding Food

Summer weddings can be as formal or as casual as you’d like.  If you and your fiancé are looking for an alternative to a formal summer wedding menu, then consider adding some fun into the mix.  It is easy to add a touch of whimsy to your ceremony and reception with these tips from Cleveland caterers.


Get the party started!  If your wedding is being hosted outside, consider asking your Akron caterer to offer guests a special pre-ceremony cocktail to set the stage. A fruit-based drink can help quell thirst on a hot day and help your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive at your site.

Explore creative alternatives.  Instead of simply thinking along the line of a traditional buffet, think about some creative food alternatives. If you and your fiancé have a love of baseball, then offering miniature hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts during the cocktail hour can lend a personal touch.

Eat ethnic. If you come from an ethnic family, then don’t hesitate to incorporate some of your favorite flavors into your menu.  From cumin flavored, Latin-inspired rice to collard greens or even artisanal Italian sausage, you can make your wedding reflect your background.

Ditch the cake. Not a huge fan of cake?  There is no reason to feel obligated to have a traditional wedding cake if it isn’t your favorite.  Your wedding reception caterer can offer an ice cream sundae bar, complete with homemade chocolate sauce, decadent caramel sauce and lots of toppings to keep your guests busy.  A selection of home-style cookies can finish off your dessert.

Have an after party.  If you are planning on dancing the night away, or are having your wedding in a location where you can stay all night, consider offering after party snacks. Sliders, chips, hot dogs or pizza are all items that your family and friends will be grateful for after a long day of fun.

Your wedding doesn’t have to suspend summer fun. With some tweaks to your menu, you can add touches to your food that will make your guests understand more about the fun you love to have as a couple.  By including ethnic touches, having a sundae bar or hosting an after party, you can be sure your wedding food will be memorable.

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Your Special Occasion – Should You Hire a Caterer?

There are many special occasions in life -– weddings, graduations, family reunions. Deciding whether or not to try to cook or whether to hire a caterer can be a tough decision. Realistically, there are many reasons that hiring the right caterer can give everyone attending wonderful memories. Consider these reasons to hire a caterer rather than trying to do all the cooking yourself:

Less Planning – When you hire a wedding caterer in Cleveland, Ohio, you simplify your planning process. An excellent caterer is there to make your day more enjoyable and relaxing. Caterers can supply literally everything from the forks to the tables, food and wait staff. You won’t have to worry about preparing the food, doing the shopping or making sure that everyone gets the meal that they wanted. By hiring an experienced caterer, you can quickly clear several important items off of your “to-do” list.

Less Pressure The Day Of The Event – A wedding or critical business luncheon – the type of event doesn’t matter. What does matter is that a caterer can take pressure off of you on that day. If you are a bride, you can spend the day looking and feeling your best rather than worrying about the food. For a business luncheon that could change the course of your organization’s future, the right caterer will give you ample time to network with your guests and give your presentation. Either way, a caterer in Akron, Ohio, can give you the focus you need to enjoy your day.

You’ll Be Sure of the Outcome – Potlucks are so unpredictable. Aunt Sarah may have offered to bring the meat, but when she becomes sick, then what do you do? When you hire a caterer, you can be sure of the outcome. You’ll have the food you want, served the way you want, at the time you want – and, more affordably than you think!

Food Safety – Food safety is a serious issue at every party. You want your guests to have memories of fun, friends and food, not the fact that half the party ended up becoming ill from macaroni salad that was left out too long. Professional caterers are well acquainted with food safety and contamination issues and will make sure that you and your guests have long-lasting good memories of the party. Special Moments Catering is properly licensed, specially trained and nationally certified in the safe handling of food.

Memorable, Theme-Based Meals – For wedding reception catering or BBQ catering in Akron, Ohio, you may want the option of choosing a theme-based meal. Whether French-inspired, a Hawaiian Luau, family-style Italian dinner or elegant cocktails, no one has more options and can do it better than Special Moments Catering.

You may be an excellent cook, but on your special day, consider hiring a caterer who can serve you and your guests the meal that you have always wanted. With less pressure and worry for you, having a professional caterer will give you the confidence that your party will have the perfect outcome. You’ll actually be able to “attend” your own party!

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Hosting a Memorable Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is a lovely time to celebrate the impact and contribution of your mom. Would you like to spoil her by cooking her a special meal? Hosting a memorable Mother’s Day brunch can be easy with these tips from Akron and Cleveland caterers.

Mother’s Day brunch is traditional. While you can host a Mother’s Day celebration at any time of the day, a brunch is traditional. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to be limited to simple foods. In fact, brunch is the perfect way to combine the best foods from many different meals into one delicious event.

Create a mom-friendly atmosphere. This is the day to get out your best dishes and spring linens. Set the tone for the brunch by setting tables with floral or pastel table cloths and matching napkins. Fresh flower arrangements in tea cups or small clay pots are a delicate way to decorate the table. Tying napkins with ribbons or adding small candles to the table can finish the look.

Choose versatile flavors. Much like the same concept that caterers in Akron use to create wedding menus, look for a balance of flavors in your menu. Combine sweet and savory items such as cinnamon rolls, egg casseroles and hash browns to give guests a variety of foods to choose from.

Go gourmet. If you are truly looking for a unique Mother’s Day menu, then try the same gourmet approach that caterers use. With the help of a Cleveland caterer, you can offer tea sandwiches, tiny tarts, specialty sausages or gourmet syrups to cover pancakes and waffles. Look to specialty caterers in Akron for help with these time-consuming items.

Keep it personal. Another menu option might include all of your mom’s favorite foods. If your mom prefers heartier foods, you might include ham and potatoes as the main dish, or choose foods from her heritage, whether that is lasagna and garlic bread or pork and sauerkraut.

Finish on the sweet side. At the end of the meal a sweet bite can be the perfect finish. Wedding caterers suggest a selection of cheesecakes, fruit tarts, petit fours, or strawberry shortcake with whipped cream as a way to top off the meal.

Making Mother’s Day special is easy. By keeping it personal and offering gourmet options, your mom will feel special on her day surrounded by friends and family. Do you need help with gourmet items or serving? Special Moments Catering is available to offer help to make your day that much easier. Call us today!

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Give a Final Guest Count At Least 5 Days Prior to the Wedding Day

Any professional wedding caterer should understand that it can be hard to pinpoint the exact number of guests that will be attending the event. RSVPs are received at the last minute, certain guests want to bring dates, other guests have emergencies or other plans that come up short notice – the list of possible factors influencing the final head count just goes on and on. You should confirm the final number of expected guests at least 5 days prior to the big day to make sure that enough food has been ordered. Now, we understand that wedding receptions can become quite costly as the list of guests expands. While no couple wants to be stuck with a bunch of left overs and food because they ordered too much, no couple wants to have a wedding reception without enough food to feed all of their guests. The experts at Special Moments Catering have enough experience to accurately advise you on how much food you’ll need depending on the number of expected guests.

For any of your wedding catering and banquet hall needs, call one of the most trusted caterers in the Akron, Ohio area, call Special Moments Catering. Let us make your day one to remember, without the stress.

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
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How to Find the Right Caterer? Ask Good Questions

Finding the right caterer for your family reunion, wedding or graduation party can be a real challenge. Making the right decision can either guarantee that you and your guests have an amazing experience, or one that you and your guests would rather forget.

How can you find just the right caterer in Akron, Ohio? By asking good questions about the caterer’s experience with your type of event, no matter if it is a business luncheon catering or wedding reception catering. Here are some questions that you may want to ask a potential caterer:

Do you have a specialty? If you are looking for a caterer to handle your summer barbeque and you are interviewing a caterer who specializes in vegan cuisine, you may not have found the best fit. Simply put, if you want to have a barbeque, then you need someone who specializes in BBQ catering in Akron, Ohio.

What does your price include? Many caterers in Cleveland may give you a price, but it may not include everything that you need for your party. Get an estimate in writing that lists everything that’s included. You should know what your responsibility is from the start.

Will you coordinate rentals? For large parties, your site may require tables, chairs and even dishes, glasses and silverware. Ask your caterer if they can coordinate all of those rentals for you as well. It will save you time and frustration during the weeks leading up to the event. Special Moments Catering can coordinate these services.

Have you worked the site before? Knowing if your caterer has worked at the site you are considering for other events is a critical question. A caterer who is familiar with the management, layout and facilities will be able to give you a more accurate price and fewer surprises the day of your event. If they haven’t worked at the site before, take the initiative by setting up a time to meet with them and the site management at the site well before the time of your function.

Choosing a caterer can be a successful process as long as you approach it as though it is a job interview. In fact, it is! Having a list of questions and getting the answers you need will help you to make a good selection for your wedding reception or business luncheon catering.

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Five Trends in Wedding Food

Your dress might be beautiful and your venue picturesque, but what do guests want? Food! Long after your wedding is over; your guests will still be talking about what they ate. Cleveland caterers offer a myriad of different services and styles – virtually anything you can dream of. Help your wedding guests to remember your event for years to come by taking advantage of some of the newest wedding food trends. Take a look at the top five:

Eliminate the sit down. – With more and more people focusing on the social side of wedding receptions, the sit down meal is getting the cold shoulder. Wedding caterers in Cleveland, Ohio, are now providing small stations or beautiful buffets where guests can mingle and then move on to visit with other guests and try new treats. The cost is much less and quicker for these styles of service, giving the reception a smooth feel allowing you to spend more time to party!

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. – No longer just sweet, savory cupcakes are all the rage. Whether a special icing or filling in the center of savory cupcakes are easy to eat while mingling. Caterers in Akron can come up with combinations that are more than just white cake with white frosting.

Fresh. – With a new focus on fresh ingredients, Cleveland caterers are now looking to local farmers to provide their artisanal foods for events. Locally grown vegetables and fruits, as well as locally crafted cheeses and salamis offer a taste treat hard to find elsewhere. Talk to your caterer about what is available in your area.

More beverage options. – With the trend away from costly sit down dinners, more brides and grooms are opting for a customized bar with lots of options. Complete with a signature drink, guests can enjoy their beverages while nibbling on food, dancing and visiting. Special Moments Catering can assist in planning your special beverage needs and also.

Favorite foods. – Instead of the tried and true chicken dinner, more couples are opting for their favorite foods at their reception. Whether cookies, a delicious pasta station or a sundae bar, incorporating favorite foods can personalize a reception for guests.

What do these food trends have in common? You. The best food trends right now are focused on the individual personality of the bride and groom. Whether you opt for savory cupcakes, fresh ingredients or your favorite foods, following these trends in wedding food will help you and your guests to have the day of a lifetime!

As the premier catering service in North East Ohio,
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Choosing Caterers Early Creates Less Stress

So you’ve made some headway into the great adventure that’s known as planning a wedding. There’s so little time and so many items to cross off of that never ending “To Do” list. It may seem like more than some soon to be brides can handle. One thing that will surely help to take the stress and strain off of planning and preparing for the big day is to choose your wedding caterer early in the planning process. There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to book your wedding caterer way in advance.